Shasti Mahotsava


About the Shashti Mahotsava (Annual Car Festival) and the Brahmaratha: Of the many festivals in the Temple, the annual Car festival which falls on the sixth day of the bright half of the month of "Margshirsha" (November / December) is the most important. The day is known in popular parlance as the "Manjeshwar Shashti" and coincides with "Skhanda Shashti" in other parts of South India. On that day, the six - wheeled chariot called "Brahma Ratha" is pulled along the Car Street so-called from its use, by thousands of votaries coming from far and near. The "Ratha" has a base 17 feet square, a height of 17 feet in raw and a maximum girth of 53 feet. But when decked for the occasion with all its decorative appurtenances, it rises to a height of 71 feet, and affords an unforgettable experience of solemnity and grandeur as it moves amidst a soothing mass of human heads. The Ratha was built in 1834 A.D.