Mahamaye Gudi


Kalpavriksha Mahamaaya Temple
Is at Kushasthali (Guddekeri) about one Km from the main temple was consecrated in the year 1871 AD by Paratparaguru H.H.

Srimath Bhuvanendra Teertha Swamiji.
He personally designed the image and conducted the Pratishta.. The temple has been completely renovated in the recent years. Now it is surrounded by a herbal garden, a water tank- Kalpa Teertha Goshala in its serene atmosphere. Devotees visiting the main temple complete their pilgrimage with a visit to the beautiful and peaceful shrine of mother “MHAMMAYEE”. Truly, visit to Manjulakshetra is not complete without a visit to this holy shrine.

What is “Kushasthali?  Kushasthali – literally means a place where Kusha grass grows. Kusha or Darbha is a must for all Brahminical rituals. Hence, wherever Saraswats Migrated and settled, they have named the place Kushasthali, whether it is Kurukshetra (Haryana), Gowda Desha (Bengal), Ujjayini (M.P.) , Dwaraka (Gujarat) or Goa. Manjeshwar being one of the oldest settlements of GSB’s , it is found appropriate to call the Guddekeri portion of Manjeshwar as “Kushasthali”